First review for I, Bully by Roy Dimond

I am absolutely impressed with the “message” I, Bully has to offer any person from about 12 years of age and up.  This is a book that people will do themselves a HUGE favor to read. I have read hundreds of books before, during and following my University days.  And never have I read a book with the depth of self learning this book has to offer.

I have already told several friends and neighbors about this “must read” book.   By making this book available to the general public it will undoubtedly touch and change the lives of people from all walks of life.

I will be encouraging everyone I know to treat themselves to reading a book far and beyond 99% of the other stuff being published these days.  Anyone having read this book and taken whatever message is applicable to them is undoubtedly guaranteed to become a better person.

Doug Reglin, Clinical Consultant Community Mental Health

B.Ed. and R.P.N. (Reg. Psychiatric Nurse)


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