Silence and Circumstance


Untreed Reads new book, Silence and Circumstance by Roy Dimond is a fictional account of a very true story. It is all about the 11 days that Agatha Christie went missing.Was she kidnapped? Did she have a nervous breakdown? Was it a publicity stunt for her latest novel?

Or perhaps she was doing something far more important, something that reverberates to this very day. Find out in Silence and Circumstance.


“Never heard of this spin before, really, really interesting.” “Intriguing cover.” “Love this book, great story.” “Really an ultimate original concept… this is really, really special.” “Tons of fans will want this.” “Awesome wicked cool book… someone will turn it into a movie.” “Thank you for having an original idea!”   … … Webb Weaver Books Blog, Talk Radio, C. K. Webb

“With talk about a screenwriter creating a TV series with Arthur Conan Doyle and Harry Houdini, I shouldn’t be surprised that someone thought about making Agatha Christie a fictional character as well… “Silence and Circumstance,” by Roy Dimond, could be the meta-mashup of the year. According to a Florida newspaper, Dimond has stuffed this thriller with every boldfaced name of the 1920s:” “ Give Dimond credit: It’s a high-concept ‘what if’ that’ I’ve ever seen before.”… Planet Peschel

“The style of the writing is a meandering, twisting and turning of the reader’s mind creating a great long mystery with its unraveling of clues and ultimate finale”… by Roses are Amber

“It’s the quintessential mystery – a mystery writer goes missing for 11 days.” “Dimond turns to fiction and begins a lively romp through the literary salons of the time” “Dimond’s vivid imagination” “This book is entertaining.”… Jan DeGrass Arts and Entertainment Writer for The Coast Reporter

“It’s one of the best stories around.” Arthors’ Curtilage by Darmie Orem

“Mystery buffs will find very interesting.” Ann Everett

“Imagination is a wonderful thing. Roy Dimond has it.” “It’s the kind of world Agatha Christie would create. Now Dimond has done it as well.” “This is one journey you definitely want to take. You’ll be glad you did.”… Venture Galleries

5.0 out of 5 stars

2015By P. Olmsted – Published on

Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

“Silence and Circumstance” is not just a book, it is an experience”… “Anyone who loves the period between World Wars, and the great artists and writers of that period”…“Silence and Circumstance” will not disappoint”… “It is one of the best books I have read this year.”


A Fun Read! June 3 2015

By Donna Lenic – Published on

Format:Kindle Edition

“Silence and Circumstance is a fun read”… “Flows smoothly, with interesting characters and mysterious adventures” … “Fictional characters and historical artists and writers brings the story to life.”… “Very enjoyable!”


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