An older sibling bullies the younger brother or sister.  Students bully their classmate.  Parents bully their own child.  Parents bully each other. The boss bullies the employee. The government bullies their citizens.  One country bullies the other.  Where does it end?  How does it stop?

It ends and stops with YOU.  Whatever role you have in life, older sibling, classmate, parent, husband or wife, boss, government leader, world super power, you have a choice. You can choose to bully, for whatever reason — you were bullied, you’re having a bad day, its easier than taking the time to listen, its expedient, its in your short term interest, because you can.  But in the long run, it always comes back to haunt you.  It haunts in a thousand ways.  You lose a family member, a potential friend, a companion, a citizen’s support, a neighboring country is no longer allied, or a world focuses its failure at you.  A door closes and an opportunity is lost.  It’s just a choice.

It ends and stops with YOU.  Older sibling can be kind to a younger brother or sister.  A student can cross to the other side of the hall and help another pick up the books knocked to the floor by a passing stranger.  Parents can listen and give a moments attention during their busy day. The boss can be supportive rather than abuse his position of authority.  Government can rule justly and honestly and dare I say, even kindly.  One country can choose not to focus only on its needs and see the world as a whole.

It ends and stops with YOU.  You have a choice and that decision reflects on who you are.  You can be kind, generous, forgiving, helpful, and even magnanimous.  Or you can bully.  But with each action you take you teach yourself, that’s who you are.  So when you hurt, you actually hurt yourself, when you bully another, you demean yourself.  From sibling to super power, the ramifications are exactly the same.  Hurt another and you are hurting yourself.  Help another and you are helping yourself.

It ends and stops with YOU.


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